Biofiture | Logistics


Pimary: White plastic cup sealed with aluminium foil
Outer packaging: Cardboard box
Label dimensions:
213 x 72 mm, Free edge on the right
Cardboard box dimensions: 240 x 270 x 93 mm

Total shelf-life: 24 Months
Marking of packking: 1 label with all relevant data
Organic Logo (size at least 10 mm)

Shipping and Storage Data

Pallet packing scheme: 13 layers, 14 Cardboard boxes
Total height of the pallet: ca. 1.360 mm  

Gross weight of the pallet:
  428 kg
Gross weight per box: ca. 2.300 g
Net weight per box: 2000 g

Storage conditions:
dry and protected against heat
Lot- / batch identification: Expiry date
Remaining shelf life after delivery: 18 months
Shipping unit: Plastic pallet (80 x 120 cm)
Transport Safety
: Stretch Foil
Statistical number for export (tariff code): 2007 99 33


Further information 

All packaging materials comply with applicable EU and national legislation. For all primary packaging, supplier´s declaration of harmlessness is available. ARA-License Number: 13651